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Zhivka Pesheva


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My great passion is to create awareness of the many benefits of music in our lives from education to wellbeing. For that reason, I am bringing together music therapy and education.

I am providing educational talks and lectures on music psychology and education, wellbeing, the effects of music on our brain and health - specifically designed for your educational needs, online and in person courses.


I am also driven by the idea of creating nurturing and motivating environment for the students within the music educational system for them to reveal the maximum of the potential and talent.

For that purpose, I am offering:

  • early music instrumental programs based on wholesome approach and child development, by building strong musical environment and communication with the parents 

  • tailored community building programs for music schools and institutions, by providing educational lectures on establishing and maintaining successful music communities, instrumental teaching practices and parental education. Here I am helping the institutions to build the bridge between leaders and the stakeholders of the educational system, including teachers, students, and parents – to create an ecosystem where all the participants are thriving, gaining the maximum of their goals.


My latest passion is related to music and wellbeing and to bring music and healing together.

I am advocating and creating awareness to the medical professional communities and caregiver to the healing power of music, aiming to create practices that use music as medicine.


I am initiating to work closely with medical institutions and educational communities to use music in clinical settings as means of enhancing the process of healing - by arranging the musical events, training, and educational workshops for medical professionals. The aim so to enhance healing processes in long term patients' treatments, to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and enhance rehabilitation in range of physical and neurological conditions. 


I have over twenty years of experience in education, led and organised musicianship and piano workshops, UK. Initiated, led, and organised international piano workshops in Qatar. Here below you can find a brief about my experience in education:


Cambridge, UK – 8 years of private piano teaching practice, active accompanist, solo recitals. Taught piano in Primary and Secondary schools (Cambridge, UK).


I specialized in early music piano education (from age 3+) and incorporated diverse piano methods (e.g., Suzuki) in the teaching.


Qatar – A senior Piano faculty at Qatar Music Academy – involved in designing and developing the processes for creating the school piano curriculum and internal examinations (from prep 1 level to level 10 Pre-University). Adjudicator in internal piano examinations (since 2011).


Provided lectures Weill Corneil Medicine, Qatar on subject of music psychology, music, and emotions.

Key speaker in Doha HealthCare Week: Zoom webinar November 2020 as a part of the WISH Doha Healthcare week, an online webinar: ‘Exploring the potential of music theory in neurological rehabilitation and mental health.’ Led by Dr G. Bendriss


Instructor ‘Training in Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions: from Fundamentals to Multidisciplinary Implementation’ Weill Corneil Medicine – Q, CPD, online webinars.


Key speaker in ‘I am QF” Part of Multiversity Talks

Section: Precision Health, Progressive Zhivka Pesheva, MA, Psychology in Music Education – Senior Piano Faculty at Qatar Music Academy & Ghizlane Bendriss, PhD, Neuroscience - Neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Biology at WCMQ

This talk shed light on the applications and benefits of music therapy, and how healthcare professionals can work with musicians and music therapists to raise awareness of its benefits.

wired circle


  • MA, Psychology in Music Education 
    Sheffield University, UK


  • BA Hons, Piano Performance & Pedagogy, Music Pedagogy
    Academy of Music and Dance Arts – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


  • IB, Solo piano performance and music education
    Music College “Hristina Morphova”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


  Top Skills


  • Instrumental and vocal Accompanist

  • Piano Solo and chamber music performance and pedagogy

  • Academic writing and critical thinking skills 

  • Psychology in music education

  • Music theory & Musical Analyses


  Professional Developing 


  • CPD, Certificate in the   Fundamentals of Music Therapy,
    Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar                

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