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Music for Wellness 

Everything from education to wellbeing  

with Zhivka Pesheva

Wired Musically is designed to create awareness of the many benefits that music brings to our lives, from education to wellbeing. It is advocating for an integrated approach to music that can be used in everyday life, education and clinical settings.  


My great passion as a Musician, Educator, Researcher, and Innovator is to bring together such unrelated fields of study as music, psychology, therapy, music-based interventions, and education.  


I am also driven by the idea of creating a wholesome nurturing environment for the students within the music educational system for them to reveal the maximum of their potential and talent. 

For that reason, I provide seminars, online and in person courses, music workshops & teambuilding on topics related to music psychology and education, effects of music on our brain, well-being & emotions, and the use of music in clinical settings.

I can deliver inspirational, accessible, and practical content tailored specifically to your needs and requirements.



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Music can be a profound step in the exploration of self, in the conscious act of honest reflection that goes by many names-mindfulness, meditation, self-discovery, self-empowerment, and enlightenment.”  

Amy Camie

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Zhivka Pesheva

Educator, Researcher, Innovator bridging music therapy & education, Musicianship & Piano education and workshops, Talent development, Music Community Building, Parental Education

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